Ted Williams – Greatest Home Run Hitter

Ted Williams – Greatest Home Run Hitter.  Why do I make that claim?  Read on and find out.

Hey fellow baseball fans, I have been a very passionate baseball fan for over seven decades.  I was born in the Boston area in 1941 when “The Kid” (Ted Williams) hit .406!

How many .400 hitters since?  Zero! I also believe with one new headline and one changed headline, Ted is the new Home Run King!  What is the new headline?  In January 1940, Red Sox announce blockbuster trade, “Ted Williams traded to Yankees for Joe DiMaggio!”

The impact of that trade, conservatively increases Williams HRs by 7 HRs/year 140 HRs Changed Headline (December 7, 1941) – USA and Japan sign a long term free trade agreement (25 years)!

The impact of this deal adds four + years to Ted’s career which adds 156 more HRs. There is no Korean war if we have peace with Japan. Result – Ted goes from 521 HRs to 817 HRs #1.  Hank Aaron is now 2nd with 755.  Barry Bonds drops to third because Major League Baseball decides to  keep 154 game schedule and Barry loses 5% down to 724.  The Babe will be fourth with 714.  How many HRs would Bonds have lost if he did not do steroids?  If 10% he drops 72 more to 651.  If 20% he drops to 579! TED WILLIAMS

Note – I believe Ted Williams was the greatest hitter in baseball.  I also believe that Ted Williams greatest contribution to baseball was his induction speech into The National Baseball Hall of Fame when he advocated for Satchel Paige and the other great players of the Black ball Era (Negro Leagues or segregated baseball deserved to be in the HOF).  Five years later, Satchel Paige was inducted into The National Baseball Hall of Fame.  As of 2014, thirty-nine former Negro League ballplayers are in The National Baseball Hall of Fame.  Thank you, Teddy Ballgame!

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