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The Best Season – Two Book Series

The Best Season – Two Book Series is a fun way to look at the “What Ifs” of the baseball.

Your cell phone rings (to the tune of “Take Me Out To The Ball Game”). Your friend Jack screams into the phone, “I have two box seat tickets to today’s game at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh between the Braves/Pirates Hall of Fame/All Star team vs. the Black Ball Stars!”  I decided he is joking around.  The year is 2014. Being a passionate baseball historian, of course, I know the last game played at Forbes Field was on June 28, 1970 between the Chicago Cubs and the Pittsburgh Pirates and it was the second game of a doubleheader.

I decide to play along with him, “Who are the starting pitchers?”, I asked.   Jack says calmly, “Warren Spahn with his 1953 stats, Milwaukee Braves (his Best Season) is pitching for the Braves/Pirates and Satchel Paige is pitching for the Black Ball Stars!  I decide to continue to humor him, “I assume the shortstops are Honus Wagner (1905 stats, his Best Season for the Pirates) and Pop Lloyd, known as the Black Wagner.

Jack laughs, “Your half right, but since Spahn the lefty is pitching, obviously “El Diablo”, Willie Wells is starting at shortstop for the Black Ball Stars!”

“Jack!”, I scream, “It is 2014, Forbes Field was torn down July 28, 1971!”  Jack smiles, “Bob, do you remember the movies “Back to the Future” and “Field of Dreams”?  “Of course, they are two of the great classics,” I respond.  He then shows me the box seat tickets, dated April 26 with no year.  He says, “There is a machine that can take baseball players from different time periods and put them on the field with their talents from previous times.”   Kiddingly I say, “Jack the game starts at 1 pm.  It is noon.   We are in Texas, we cannot get to Pittsburgh in an hour and rebuild Forbes Field!”

Jack points out the back window of my house to the time machine.

My alarm goes off!  I was only dreaming!   There is no game but there is my book, The Best Season – The First Ninety Games!

Enjoy your box seats behind the Black Ball Stars dugout for Game One of Series One – Black Ball Stars with Satchel Paige on the mound vs. Braves/Pirates with Warren Spahn pitching!

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