Black Ball Stars Roster

This Black Ball Stars Roster will give you a world of information about the players of the Black Ball era.  In 1993, the baseball statistics we had on our twenty-one Black Ball (Negro League) Stars were incomplete. The information we did have, we wanted to relate it to a baseball season in the twenty-first century or the 162 Major League Season Schedule.

Also, in my two book series, the Black Ball Stars Roster that they play fifteen Nine Game Series + thirty All Star Games which totals 165 games not including playoffs, therefore the statistics we chose reflected the Black Ball players’ stats for a 162 game season (see below – The Black Ball Player Roster).

Note:  There are four “Free Agent” black pitchers, from the Major Leagues which were added to the six man Negro League Hall of Fame pitching staff after the nineteen inning Game Five in Series One.  The pitchers are Don Newcombe (Best Season, 1956 Dodgers), Luis Tiant (Best Season, 1968 Indians), J R Richard, (Best Season, 1979 Astros) and Donnie Moore (Best Season, 1985 Angels).

Enjoy catching up on the information in this Black Ball Stars Roster.


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Top Best Season Black Ball Stars Roster*Click image to enlarge


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