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Author, Researcher, Speaker Bob May will convince you that he is a very knowledgeable baseball historian.  Read about him and find out how passionate he is about baseball.

Bob MayBob May has been a passionate baseball fan all his life.  He has sixty years of experience in playing the best baseball board game simulations.  He believes that sophisticated baseball board game simulations are an excellent way to measure performance across eras without losing the play-by-play experience of being at the park and making managerial decisions.

In 1987, Bob purchased the Pursue the Pennant Board Game, the first simulated baseball game where the player’s stats were impacted by ball park factors.  By 1989, Bob had invested in the company.  He became the President in 1990.  In 1993, Bob and his team created a 400 player card set of the greatest players in baseball history from 1881 through 1987.  It included 100% of the Hall of Fame players as of 1992 (nine Negro League players were in the HOF as of 1992).  21 Negro League players were in the card set (nineteen of them are in the Hall of Fame as of 2014).

In 2010, Bob set up a tournament between the Black Ball Stars and the great Major League ballplayers in the 1993 card set.  This led to his two book series.

The Best Season - The First Ninety GamesHis first book, The Best Season – The First Ninety Games honors twenty-one players from the Black Ball era (Negro Leagues and independent black teams) by putting them on the field to play the greatest Major League players from the 1880s-1980s.  This first book is only half a season.  The second book, The Best Season – The Challenging Finish completes the season against the following franchises – Athletics (Philadelphia and Oakland), Giants (New York and San Francisco), Yankees, Dodgers (Brooklyn and Los Angeles) and Red Sox.

In addition, there are thirty all-star games pitting the Black Ball Stars against up to twenty-five of the greatest players in history.  There is also a six team (includes Black Ball Stars) playoff to determine the best franchise in baseball history.

Important Note
The publishing of Book Two
is contingent on the success of Book One!
The targeted release date of Book Two is 2018.

In addition to being Author, Researcher and Speaker Bob May has media credentials from his position as Founder of Baseball Fans Unite – International (2001-2002).  This organization attempted to organize fans to speak up in the Major League Baseball Labor negotiations of 2001-2002.  While fans were not successfully organized, Bob May received air time on CNN (2), ESPN, Fox News (he opened the news hour at 6 and 9 pm in Dallas, Texas).  He also was on NPR and an Irish Sports Show aired in Dublin Ireland.  Bob appeared with Senator Jim Bunning (Hall of Fame pitcher), Tori Hunter (player rep) and various media people.  Bob notes: “It was the first Major League Baseball Labor Negotiations (in history) that zero games were lost due to strike or lock-out.  I believe we “made a difference!”

Bob has been married to his English wife, Michele for nearly fifty years.  They reside in Rockwall TX.  They have three children and eight living grandchildren.  Bob has been a Christian since January 1976.  He believes The Lord has been redirecting his passion for baseball ever since.  “Before I was a Christian, baseball had a dark side, it was all about Bob.  My love of baseball had a negative impact on our marriage.  When God revealed to him the idea of honoring the stars of the Black Ball Era with this two book series, it gave him a purpose for his baseball passion.  God is continuing to expand his vision of His Plan for advancing His Kingdom.”

Bob is a Substitute Teacher in Rockwall ISD.  He is an active member of his church, New Horizon Vineyard.  He worked thirty-one years in the corporate world for American Optical Manufacturing Company (Southbridge MA).  He served his country from 1964-1969 in the USAF as a navigator on C-130 transports.

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