Welcome Baseball Fans!

Welcome Baseball Fans!

This website – www.honoringblackball.com – is intended to be a fun baseball website!  Yes, Bob, the Baseball Man wants to honor the great players of the Black Ball Era (segregated baseball).  My first book, “The Best Season – The First Ninety Games” honors these twenty one great players of the Black Ball Era. They get back on the field playing 250 of the greatest players in Major League Baseball History from 1881 to 1987.

Book One

There are 2 ways you can purchase my book  The Best Season – The First Ninety Games. You can click on the title of the book in this paragraph and it will take you to a separate page.  You will be redirected to a separate page to choose your cover.  Or youThe Best Season-The First Ninety Games can click on any one of the images on the left navigation pane – at the bottom.  There are three different book covers, Hard Back, Soft Back and Kindle version.  When you click on either one you will be redirected to Amazon.  There you can purchase the book.  Thank you in advance for your purchase.

Book Two

In Book Two, “The Best Season – The Challenging Finish” another 125 great players take the field, in addition to many of the players from Book One.  There are a total 375 great players.

I see these two books actually honor all 400 players that take the field in this 165+ game competition.  If you read these books you will sense that you have Season Tickets!  You will be behind the Black Ball Stars dugout for 165+ games! 

In 1887 Major League baseball owners had an unwritten agreement that black players would not be permitted to play Major League Baseball.  This was very short-sighted.  For the next sixty years the fans of this great sport were robbed of seeing the best baseball that could be played.  Then Jackie Robinson re-integrated Major League Baseball and the sport became more complete.

What If

I believe my two books give us a “What if” scenario of the kind of baseball that could have been.

What will www.honoringblackball.com
website offer the fans?

  1. Biographical descriptions and photos of the twenty-one Black Ball Era players.
  2. Stories from the Black Ball Era (segregated baseball).
  3. Highlights of the first game for each fifteen Nine Game Series vs. the original sixteen post-1900 franchises (Series One is a combined Braves/Pirates franchise) and the first game of two fifteen game All Star Series (a MLB 21 man roster team and a MLB 25 man roster team).
  4. There are about 100 Major League players that had a great season (Best Season) but an average career. We will provide Best Season Biographies (BSB) for about fifteen of these players.  Our first one will be about Cy Seymour (1905 Reds).  Within the last four years, Cy Seymour was inducted into the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame.
  5. There will be descriptions of each decade (1880s – 1980s) such as the style of baseball for each period, the great players, managers, owners and teams.
  6. We will have trivia questions provided by visitors of the website.
  7. One of my favorite aspects of the site will be baseball podcasts entitled “Coffee with Bob, the Baseball Man”.
  8. All visitors to website will be encouraged to share their insight into discussions about baseball in the 107 year period, 1881 – 1987.


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Bob, The Baseball Man


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